Move your vehicle - before the city rangers fine you.
Parking Zen will remind you when you should move your vehicle - before the city rangers do it.

Just park your ride.
Avoid parking fines and save your time with Parking Zen.

Set the time.
After parking just enter for how long your ticket is valid. That's it!

Do your own thing.
You will be notified when its time to move your car - and how to get there quickly. Easy.
City dwellers worldwide are using it.
From Sydney to San Francisco, tons of people are using ParkingZen to find their rides and avoid fines.
Girl Image Ash Kyoto
Sydney, Australia
"I usually do shopping around Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District) and leave my Mini on the streets. Whilst checking latest trends on Myers and Country Road I get immersed in the fashion cosmos. Sometimes I buy more than I should and simply forget where left my car. Parking Zen reminds me where and when I should go back to renew the parking ticket or finish the shopping session."
Why I did it?
Meet Leo, Parking Zen creator and (former) lost rider.

Yo mates! Im Leo, a rad scooter (would that be a paradox?) rider living in Sydney. I had a recurrent problem: when I parked my bike and was in a hurry I... forgot where I parked (my friends always laugh at this part lol). Living in Down Under the problem is made worse, as I had to remember also for how long I'm allowed to park - otherwise the city rangers would do that for me ($$). To solve mine and humanity's problem I designed Parking Zen, this sexy thing in form of an app. Drop me a note to share the love or request help.